Exotic Hunts

We're proud to provide even the most discriminating hunter with an extensive choice of exotic trophy.

Because we can provide hunts on a large number of local ranches, we're able to offer a broad variety of animals in a wide range of sizes.

A consultation prior to the hunt will be needed in order to determine the specific species and size of animal that'll best suit your needs. Prices vary and will be determined by the exact trophy chosen.

Please contact us to customize your hunt.

Species Offered
Axis Deer Fallow Deer Sika Deer Blackbuck Antelope
Corsican Sheep Mouflon Sheep Aoudad Sheep Scimitar Oryx (male)
Red Sheep Blesbuck Gemsbuck Wildebeest (Blue)
Addax Red Stag Sable Elk Lechwe (Kafue)
Beisa Oryx Eland Springbok Texas Dall Sheep
Zebra Buffalo
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