About Us

At West Texas Trophy Outfitters, our business is serving the serious hunter and outdoorsman.

We're committed to providing exceptional service. We feature fair-chase hunts where one can expect to see 15 to 20 bucks per day.

The Foster Rocky Creek Ranch

West Texas Trophy Outfitters operates out of the Foster Rocky Creek Ranch, deep in the heart of Texas. The ranch is located 15 miles southeast of Ballinger and 40 miles northeast of San Angelo. The 16,000 acre Runnels County spread is situated at the confluence of the Colorado River and Lake Ivy.

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The terrain at Rocky Creek features rolling hills with live oak, cedar and mesquite. Several fields have been reserved and planted especially to appeal to whitetail deer and turkey.

A Tradition of Land Management

The Rocky Creek Ranch — along with all of the Foster family holdings — has been strictly maintained in a long-held and well-know tradition. This tradition of excellent land management was begun by their pioneer forefathers during the early days of the settlement of Texas.

In keeping with this fine family tradition, we here at W.T.T.O. are dedicated to providing quality deer and turkey hunting while adhering to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Rocky Creek Ranch participates in the M.L.D. Management Program. Multiple counts are taken on a regular basis. By this close monitoring, we're able to better determine the number of both the managements and trophy hunts we can offer each year. This program plays a vital part in maintaining the quality and the size of the herd development.

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